Building an HD-PVR -- pcHDTV and MythTV

MythTV provides an amazingly full-featured home media center on Free Software. I'm using it with the pcHDTV card to build a PVR for over-the-air digital television, the much-hyped HDTV.

Unfortunately, the HDTV transition brings restrictions to broadcast television -- the FCC-mandated broadcast flag will make it unlawful to sell fully capable tuner cards, ones that can't be told to stop high-quality digital outputs at the broadcaster's command. Fortunately, the rule doesn't take effect until July 2005, so buy your HD tuner card now, while you still can (existing devices will continue to work). This machine, by contrast to what will be available commercially next year, has high-definition DVI, S/PDIF, unencumbered firewire and Ethernet outputs, a DVD burner, and fully open-source user-modifiable software.

Local files:

My System Specs:

EFF System Specs: MythTV parts


MythTV on HDTV



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